Mainstream motorcycle manufacturers may have consigned two-strokes to the too-hard basket, but here at the Two-Stroke Shop (TSS) we're very much in the here and now of championing the advancement of two-stroke development.

We're into building exciting cutting-edge machines that can run with the best of today's four-strokes - all while delivering more thrills, and in lighter, ultra-dynamic packages. We also supply vital parts to keep classic two-stroke bikes alive and well, from air and liquid-cooled street bikes, motocrossers and race bikes.


New Genuine Yamaha Banshee/RZ350 reed blocks/fibre reeds: USD$76 per pair

New intake manifolds for RD250/350 LC for 26mm-30mm carbs: USD$25 per pair

Fully-programmable Dual-CDI Ignitech Race ECU with Plug-&-Play adapter loom for Suzuki RGV250/
Aprilia RS250/ RS421/RS500/ Hybrids using Yamaha RD/RZ/Banshee Engine: $335

Plug-&-Play Ignitech Race adapter loom for Suzuki RGV250/
Aprilia RS250
: $65

Plug-and-Play Stator
& trigger sensor
for RD/RZ/Banshee engine running Ignitech - plugs straight into
Aprilia RS250 wiring loom: $185

Ignitech Race Dual-CDI
Connector Plug and 1.3 metre long wiring tail: $65

Ignitech STD Dual-CDI
Connector Plug and 1.3 metre long wiring tail: $65

Ignition Coil (Double)
for RD/RZ/Banshee
and other Twin-Cylinder
models: $35 each

Ignition Coil for Suzuki RGV250 & Aprilia RS250: $17 each

New Stator and Flywheel for Yamaha RD/RZ/Banshee/
Hybrids: $115

Trigger Sensor for
Yamaha RD/RZ/Banshee/
Suzuki RGV250/Aprilia RS250/ Hybrids: $12

Heavy-Duty Banshee/ RD/RZ350 Gearbox

PEEK-Coated Big
End Bearings, RD/RZ/
Banshee Engine: $18 each

Silver-plated small end bearings for Yamaha RD/RZ350 YPVS/ Banshee: $15 each

Aprilia RS250 steering head bearings/ seals - Top quality SKF: USD$38 per set

Water pump bearing for RD/RZ250/350/
Banshee : $12

Full engine/gearbox
oil seal kit for RD/RZ250/350/Banshee
(Full 9 pieces, includes oil pump shaft seal & water pump pipe O-ring): $35


Yamaha RD/RZ Oil Pump
Rebuild Kit: $15

RD/RZ350 Gasket
Set, Full: $35

Genuine Aprilia RS250
Fork Seals: $12.50/pair

Genuine Aprilia RS250
Fork Dust Seals: $12.50/pair

Brand new Banshee/RZ350 Crankshaft, +4mm Stroke
(58mm), 180°
firing order

Brand new Banshee/
RZ350 Crankshaft,
Stock Stroke (54mm)

Yamaha YZ250
Crankshaft: $185

Yamaha WR450F Crankshaft: $155

Yamaha YZ450F Crankshaft: $155

Rod Kits/Pistons

TSS/Athena 421cc
Engine Kit for RD&RZ YPVS/Banshee Engines

Flow-matched Billet
RD/RZ350 YPVS powervalves for all
models 1983-on:

New RD/RZ350 YPVS bushes set & centre joint:
US$126 including worldwide shipping

Offset Sprockets for Yamaha RD/RZ/Banshee & Kawasaki Triples

Billet Clutch Basket,

Custom Designed
Pistons for Vintage
or Prototype Engines






Aftermarket Parts
& Used Parts

We stock Wossner, PRO-X and TKR piston kits as well as crank parts and all engine & gearbox bearings, cylinder liners, conrod kits, gasket sets, seals, reed valves, stock and heavy-duty clutch plates and baskets/inner rotors, primary gears, bling engine cases - just about anything desirable for your two-stroke!

to find out more.

Steve Rothwell
The Two-Stroke Shop

Tel. (In Australia): 0427 774 285
Tel. (Outside Australia): +61 427 774 285



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